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Roughly how much money can you make as an Uber driver? Some days are bad days, long week ends etc. Earn money on your own terms. 7 Ways Uber Drivers Increase Earning and Make Money in Toronto. In fact, many drivers are now driving Uber as full time job. How much does he get from it. Morning and afternoon rush hours during the week, and dinner and club hours on the weekend are the busiest. Your Uber driver from Calgary. If he works 12 hours with breaks he can hope to make around $ 300 a day. Uber is great way to generate some extra money. The picture below shows the supply of Uber drivers in the CBD and the suburbs at the same time on the same day. Although we already discussed how to Maximize Uber Earning in Toronto. Full- time and part- time driving opportunities for independent contractors in Toronto give you the flexibility to work as much or as little as you want. For those who are not happy with Uber earnings, they must read Maximize Uber Earnings and 7 Ways Uber Drivers Can Make More Money. Uber takes care of all the details so you can focus on driving your car when it works for you. Ask me questions!

On the average in a year working twelve hours a day a driver can hope to make $ 100, 000. You can make quite a bit of extra money by staying near high- demand areas in Toronto. Sep 08, · Uber is an excellent way to make money in Canada, and Toronto is one of the busiest cities to make the most earnings. The Greater Toronto Area is over 5000 square kilometers, but by far the highest- demand Uber area is just 15 Sq KM. Nov 05, · According to Uber the top drivers make between $ 25 to $ 26 an hour. Can i play make money with uber in toronto. Sometimes you can make more money avoiding the high demand areas. So as you have seen some Uber drivers’ earnings in Toronto. To make money with Uber, you have to play the market. 60% of Uber trips in Toronto start in a very small section of downtown Toronto. You can make $ 25- 40 per hour if you’ re strategic about when you drive, but only if you’ re willing to completely sacrifice your social life. In this section we will explain 7 ways that Uber drivers increase earning and make more money in Toronto.